Pumpkin Porter Oat Bread

Ah, fall…..my favorite time of year. I am a fan of pumpkin everything (almost). This pumpkin porter beer bread does not disappoint. How I got to this recipe is kind of funny though.

Picture it…..the grocery store….2018. A 38 year old mom who is perpetually sleep deprived is trying to check out at the grocery store. Suddenly, she sees a black box with Pumpkin written on it and thinks “ooh, score. I can buy Pumpkin in bulk now.” Imagine her surprise when her husband asks why she got Pumpkin Porter when she doesn’t like beer. Please tell me you read that in a Sophia Petrillo voice? Golden Girls is still one of my favorite shows. If you haven’t watched The Golden Girls, stop what you’re doing and go watch.

But, back to this bread. I look at the box of pumpkin porter and think WTF am I gonna do with this crap? And then it hits me, beer bread. Baking bread is not my strong suit. But beer bread is so much easier because you don’t have to worry about proofing the bread and making the yeast all happy because….beer.

For this recipe, I added in oats because I thought oats and fall and pumpkin go together. This takes about 10 minutes to prep and an hour to bake. I added 1 teaspoon of baking powder per cup of flour-oats mixture. I used brown sugar to give a little sweetness but not a lot to be overpowering. Ok, I really added the brown sugar because I was out of white sugar. Hard to believe I ran out of sugar before holiday baking season hit. I added a splash of rice milk to bring it all together because I’m at a higher altitude and I needed the extra moisture. If you’re not a half-mile above sea level, you probably don’t need the splash of rice milk.

I sliced the bread and served it with an amazing honey mustard chicken, green beans and a baked sweet potato for a very yummy feast.

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