What’s a Bubble Waffle and why should you have one?

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Bubble waffles, puffy waffles, egg waffles, what the heck are they? Bubble waffles or egg waffles originated in Hong Kong and waffles made from a different kind of batter, cooked in a “bubble” waffle maker. You’ll see these rolled into a cone or bowl shape and filled with ice cream and toppings, but these babies can be used for sandwiches, pizza and so much more.

What’s the difference between a bubble waffle and a conventional waffle?

Egg waffles are truly a unique taste. Made with more eggs than regular waffles (or the Belgian waffle which uses egg whites), these waffles have thin, crispy edges with small bubbles of waffle batter that is almost quick bread like. Custard powder is a common ingredient found in lots of egg waffle recipes and provides the rich, “eggy” taste of these beauties. In addition, these waffles are cooked in a special pan to provide the appearance of little eggs. These look a lot like a bubble wrap waffle and I am here for it.

These are best when eaten warm. Roll them in an ice cream cup and fill with your favorite ice cream. Top with fruits, whipped cream, sprinkles, whatever you can imagine. Change up the batter recipe by adding chocolate, matcha or another flavor you love. Add savory herbs and use the bubble waffle in place of bread for sandwiches. Add Italian seasoning mix to the batter and then top with cheese and meatballs (or any other pizza topping you like) to make bubble waffle pizzas. How fun would these be for kids? You could probably sneak some veggies in there for added nutrition too.


Why do you need a bubble waffle maker and which one should you buy?

The short answer is, because it’s how you get the fun, bubble shape of the waffle. The design of the griddle and the cooking method allow for the fun shapes you see, but also allow for that yummy cake/quick bread texture for the bubbles and the thin, crispy edges. Yummy.


 Why should you buy a bubble waffle maker from Pampered Chef?

Pampered Chef is known to make quality products. This pan has long handles to keep from burning your hands, works on a number of stoves AND comes with a 5 year warranty. A 5 year warranty! Also, it comes with a nylon fork to help you quickly and safely remove waffles. Anyone else have trouble of spilling waffle batter everywhere when you make waffles? No? Just me? Well, this handy gadget comes with a well around the sides to catch spills. Holla!

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