Welcome to My Kitchen!

Deep breath, cross fingers, close eyes, jump….

Here Goes Nothing

I just moved across the country with the family. Just about everything that could have changed did….all at once. It was one of those moves where you have just a few weeks to get organized, pack up, drive 2200 miles with a 5 year old and 3 cats in 1 car and hope for the best. We bought a house based on internet pictures and a video taken with an iPhone (no, really). Needless to say, we still have boxes to unpack, pictures to hang and about a million other tasks. This has set my anxiety to level 100 in a flash. And when my anxiety gets going, I like to do something to check out for a bit. Enter my crafting obsession. I love love love to make things. Cards, soaps, lotions, outfits, stuffed animals…..I love it all. I’m starting this blog to share some ideas and projects I’ve been thinking about and putting together.

I speak sarcasm so please don’t take these entries too seriously. It’s all in good fun.

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