Mother’s Day Shadow Box

Hi everyone,

I’m here today to show you a shadow box using the Paper Pumpkin March 2018 box. These boxes come loaded with supplies to make about 8 greeting cards usually. But, I decided to branch out and try something different. Hence, the Mother’s Day shadow box. With this craft, I combined both Paper Pumpkin and Chalk Couture to create a unique gift that is easy to assemble and can be personalized in so many ways. Enjoy!

P.S. You can get 2 months of Paper Pumpkin at half price if you sign up before May.

Materials: Paper Pumpkin March 2018 box, paper cutter, Chalk Couture Live Life in Bloom Transfer, White Chalky Paste, Small Squeegee, Shadow Box (I found a 3-pack of these at Michael’s on clearance for about $8.00.

1. Punch Out the Pink flower and green leaf for Card 1 and Card 2. Use the tiny, flat glue dots to stick these together.

2. Cut 1 plum card in half along the scored line with a paper cutter. Open up the Shadow Box and remove the back. Using the flat, tiny glue dots, tape one half of the cut purple card into the upper left corner of the box. I left a bit of an edge of cardboard to account for the extra plastic on the frame insert. Repeat this in the bottom right corner of the shadow box with the other half of the purple card. March’s box had a bonus item of some wood punch-out flowers as part of a 5th anniversary celebration. I used 3 of these little flowers and the tiny glue dots to place those at the top of the purple paper in the top left corner of the shadow box. Add 2 of the 3-dimensional hexagon shaped glue spots on the top of the purple card in the bottom right corner of the shadow box. These will attach to the envelope.

3. Stamp the pink rectangle as described in the Paper Pumpkin instructions. Attach the pink rectangle to the envelope that has writing on the back. I used the 3-D hexagon glue sports for this. Use 2 more of the hexagon shaped glue spots and attach this envelope to the top right corner of the shadow box. Using the envelope that has the roses on the back, use the same glue dots to attach this to the bottom left corner of the shadow box.

4. Add any pictures, quotations or sayings you want to the blank spaces in the cards. I used one of the stamps in my box to show you what that might look like.

5. Reassemble the shadow box. Place the “Life in Bloom” Chalk Couture transfer in the center of the glass. Using the small squeegee and white Chalkology paste, smooth paste over the transfer. (More tutorials on this method to come). Remove the transfer ASAP and wash with water as per manufacturer’s instructions. The great thing about Chalk Couture is that any mistakes can be wiped off with a Clorox wipe and/or a damp paper towel.

6. And, you’re done. This makes a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Full disclosure: I am a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator and a Chalk Couture Demonstrator. If you’d like me to custom design anything, just contact me and/or connect with me on social media.

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