Breakfast on the Go

Can we talk about mornings during the school year? Ugh. The insanity and chaos. Trying to get everyone dressed, fed, presentable and out the door on time, no doubt with that last minute “oh, I have to bring 5000 brownies tomorrow” statement from the back seat. No wonder we are all stressed and pissed off by 7:30 in the morning. We’ve just run a marathon at a sprinter’s pace. Ok, not really, but hyperbole and drama y’all….

What do I need breakfast to be for myself and my family in the mornings?

  • Quick
  • Nutritious: admittedly, there is a spectrum here. I need breakfast to be quick, but I don’t want to start the day with a pound of sugar in 1 serving. Some convenience items I’m willing to accept like frozen waffles because who has time to make waffles from scratch? Take the frozen waffles, stick some cheese and ham in between 2 waffles and now you’ve swapped the syrup for protein and some fat. Is it perfect? No. Does it meet my basic requirements? Yes.
  • Can be eaten in the car without covering the car in said breakfast item (I’m looking at all you people who think yogurt parfaits are great for kids to have in the car because they travel well. I wonder if you really have kids when you say stuff like that).
  • “Food art” is not allowed. Thank you Artie on Creative Galaxy for putting that little gem of an idea in my kid’s head (along with using trash to make art because now we can’t throw anything away in our house because….art). Seriously, is this dude related to Caillou?
  • Ideally, nut free. No, my kid does not have a nut allergy but I know enough about nut allergies to know they are no joke.
  • I can easily make these in bulk. I’d rather make a boatload of breakfast bars at once instead of having to make 2 batches a week.
  • I have to like them. Hey, I need breakfast too, right? And, since I’m not running a restaurant, I don’t want to have to make separate breakfast for myself too.

How much time do I want to spend prepping it?

In the morning, 5 minutes max!

On the weekend, I’d like to prep several breakfast items at once. They would even use some of the same ingredients to cut down on the grocery bill. At the very least, I’d like to use some of those ingredients to put together snacks for after school, snacks to have in the car to keep the hangry away. The hangry is real y’all. Throw in driving in traffic, a stressed parent whose nerves were fried before 8 am because of the morning rush and it’s not a good mix.

Recipes: My Top 15 recipes for breakfast on the go.

These are curated recipes from other sites and blogs. One simple substitution of sunbutter for peanut butter will make these nut free. Sunbutter is a pretty legit sub for peanut butter too.

1. Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches. Bacon, egg and cheese can become ham and cheese for a little variety. If you’re feeling fancy, throw some thin apple slices in between those waffles too.

2. Breakfast Cookies 6 Ways. Ah, the breakfast cookie. Such an easy sell to kids. Cookies for breakfast you say? Why, yes, yes I will have cookies for breakfast. You can sneak in some nutritional powerhouses to give these babies staying power. Chia seeds, protein powder, dried fruit, sunbutter, oats, ground flax seed, etc. You could even use pumpkin and make a pumpkin breakfast cookie for a good dose of fiber too. Added bonus: No heating time in the morning unless you forget them in the freezer. I like to make these in batches and flash freeze them and pull out a few at a time.

3. Frozen yogurt cups. Greek yogurt gives these babies some serious protein to start your day.

4. Breakfast Muffins. Not just your typical muffin. These are stuffed with eggs, cheese and bacon. Mmmmmm, bacon. You could easily sub veggies in place of the bacon to really kickstart the day.

5. Cottage cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffins. I’m not a fan of cottage cheese and fruit. It’s such a strange texture to me. I never thought of using it in baking though. These look so yummy!

6. Continuing on with the muffin theme, these apple pumpkin French toast muffins sound ah-mazing.

7. Breakfast taquitos. Who doesn’t love tacos or taquitos? I love love love them. My problem is that I can never get the taquito rolled tight enough to stay and then they are never crispy when I bake them. So, just wrap these up in tortillas and make it a breakfast burrito. Problem solved.

8. Smoked Turkey, Gouda & Egg English Muffin. Sounds fancy, right? Deli slices and cheese slices make these sandwiches so much easier to make.

9. Potato Omelet Breakfast Bites. So many variations on this and even just the egg cheese peppers and tots would be tasty. You could even use muffin liners to easily remove these. Note: the author mentions using cooking spray with flour to prevent these from sticking.

10. Energy bites. Protein, fiber, fat all in one tasty little bite. Make a big batch of these and flash freeze. Then put several into sandwich bags and keep in the freezer. Pull the bags out of the freezer on your way out the door. Boom. Breakfast done.

11. Savory kolaches. Ok, these won’t be authentic kolaches. But, Pillsbury crescent sheets used in place of making your own bread makes these easy to prep and cook in large batches. You can mix these up too for lots of different flavors. Egg, potato and cheese kolaches, crumbled sausage and cheese, sausage links with cheese and jalapeño, potato and egg, potato and cheese and the list goes on and on and on.

12. Sweet kolaches. Want a sweet option for a treat? No problem, use the Pillsbury crescent sheets and just make a filling of cream cheese and jam.

13. Granola bars. So many ways to mix these up for variety.

14. French toast sticks with bacon. I don’t mean going through the drive-thru for those heavily fried and full of bad stuff for you but oh so good French toast sticks. I mean actually making your own (it’s not as crazy as it sounds) French toast roll-ups with bacon in the middle.

15. Pancake bites. You can make these sweet or savory. Another great way to make these in batches and still have the chance to mix it up. The mini-muffin tin is your friend.

So, there ya have it. My favorite go-to breakfast on the go recipes. I hope you enjoy

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