Chips & Tacos

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Chips and tacos…..what’s more satisfying than that? Crunchy, salty goodness filled with more goodness if it’s a taco. I could eat tacos and chips every single day. Sadly, with lots of added oil, fat, salt and preservatives, store bought tacos and chips really aren’t my best choice. As a random aside, have you seen the price of a container of kale chips? Or sweet potato chips? Holy Guacamole, $8+ for kale chips? Nope, not gonna pay it. I’ll just make my own thank you. And if I’m making something for a friend and the dish absolutely must be gluten free, I’m kinda stuck. Lucky for me, the new “V-shaped baking pan” or taco pan as I call it, helps me solve lots of kitchen problems.

  • Need a healthy snack for you and the kids? ✔
  • Need something crispy and salty to satisfy your snack cravings? ✔
  • Need something to make taco shells or the cheese shells for keto and low carb diets? ✔
  • Need something to hold those tacos to keep them upright so they don’t spill out? ✔

This set has you covered. That’s right, you get 2 pans in the set, which means more tacos for everyone! Need some food ideas for how to maximize your use of this pan?

Lunchboxes and snacks: The lunchbox struggle is real, y’all. Our school has a “wellness” policy, so we can’t bring chips, cookies, candy, etc. in their lunchboxes. Personally, I think this is a great policy, but it would be nice if our cafeterias had to clean up their foods too. My kiddo has a number of stomach issues when she eats from the cafeteria, so I am always looking for ways to make lunches healthy, easy, cost-effective AND add some variety to the mix. Some ideas for lunchboxes and snacks: apple chips with cinnamon, sweet potato chips with salt or cinnamon, beet chips, spinach chips (or kale chips), zucchini chips, fig chips.

Taco shell ideas: Standard corn taco shells can be made with simple corn tortillas, which are gluten free. But, have you tried making taco shells with cheese? My keto and low carb friends do this all the time. This V-shaped pan would make it so easy to whip up a batch of low carb taco shells. And don’t forget dessert tacos. You can use pie crusts to make dessert shells or simpley use a flour tortilkla with butter, cinnamon and sugar to make a dessert shell and use up leftover flour tortillas.

Now, I know there are about a million taco recipes on Pinterest and I am here for most of them. The struggle for me is what to put in a taco that can be eaten cold because my kiddo doesn’t have access to a microwave at school. My best idea, is a vegan taco “meat” filling. Hear me out on this one because it’s really tasty and allergy friendly. The meat is made with sunflower seeds, which are a great source of protein, fat, magnesium, B-6 and iron. Add some nooch on top of that and you’ve added more B-vitamins, fiber and protein in that taco. You can use this recipe to fill taco shells or serve with some chips for a tasty taco dip. Check out my recipe below to see how it’s done.

What kinds of chips do you like to make at home? What taco fillings do you like?

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