8 Unique Uses For Coffee

As I am wrapping up coffee week on IG, Pinterest, FB and this blog, I wanted to leave you with a few ideas for using coffee in unexpected ways. I’ve put together 8 unique ways to use coffee that you may have never considered. Which ones will you try? Will you discover a new beauty product you love? Will your garden thank you this spring as you use coffee? Read on to find some new ways to use coffee in your life.

1.Spice rubs

Coffee works great in a spice rub, especially for beef recipes. For any spice rub, the key players for me are always salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and brown sugar. Then, depending on the flavor I want or style of food I want, I add in other spices. For steak, I might add smoked paprika, ground mustard, coffee and ancho chili powder. For chicken and pork, I would use just the key players and add coffee grounds to that. One friendly tip: use less coffee in the rub for chicken and pork than you do for the steak. You don’t want to overpower the chicken with coffee.

spice rub for beef
spice rub for chicken
coffee spice rubs
8 unique uses for coffee
Quick spice rubs for beef and chicken.

2-5.Household uses

Use your leftover coffee grounds as garden fertilizer (roses and azaleas especially, not so much tomatoes), compost, scrubbing pots and pans, pest repellant, neutralize odors in the fridge, neutralize odors in the car, cover scratches in dark furniture with a little coffee, repel slugs and snails in the garden, boost the composting power of the worms in your garden. What great ways to use up those leftover coffee grounds! Also, for those of you going fishing, add coffee grounds to the dirt to not only keep your bait happier, but also to make the smell of humans on the bait. Happy fishing!

6-8.Health & Beauty: skin scrubs!

A friend of mine is the genius behind Vizal Skin Scrub. It’s loaded with nourishing ingredients and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and glowing. Did you know you could add highlights to brown hair (I have NEVER tried this one, personally. So, reader beware……)? You can remove smells from hands, mix with yogurt and spread on your face to brighten your skin, help puffy eyes not be so puffy. What an inexpensive way to do something great for your skin and treat yourself to some self-care for 10-15 minutes in the process!

8 unique ways to use coffee
alternate uses for coffee
use coffee around the house
8 unique uses for coffee

What’s your favorite way to use coffee grounds (other than just brewing a coffee drink of some sort and drinking it)? Share your knowledge and leave a comment or 2 telling me how you use coffee.


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